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Wings Athletic Club is a Singapore-registered non-profit society that was officially founded on 18 April 2000. We organise training programmes, competitive events and social activities for youth athletes, with the aim that all youth athletic enthusiasts will find our Club a place to meet, challenge themselves and sharpen one another,

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Executive Committee 2019/20

Jezreel Mok

Vice-President (Training & Selection)
Kenneth Khoo

Vice-President (Finance & Partnerships)
Nicholas Tey

Honorary Secretary
Lim Yaopeng

Honorary Treasurer
Lee Yanlin

Assistant Hon Secretary
Ron Koh

Head Marketing and Publicity
Alfred Sim

Head Membership
Asmah Hanim

Committee members
Clarence Lun
Eric Wong

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Wings Athletic Club Track & Field

Wings Athletic Club Cross Country

Seminar / Trainings / Workshops

Wings Athletic Club Events


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