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Wings Athletic Club is a Singapore-registered non-profit society that was officially founded on 18 April 2000. We organise training programmes, competitive events and social activities for youth athletes, with the aim that all youth athletic enthusiasts will find our Club a place to meet, challenge themselves and sharpen one another.

On 1st May 2000, some of our present committee members met for the first time to discuss the formation of Wings. From a humble beginning of rallying enough like-minded enthusiasts to form the Club, we have today more than 50 members actively coaching, training, competing in various competitions and organising club activities such as Cross Country and Track & Field Championships, Training Camps, End-of-Season Celebrations and other social get-togethers

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Our chief objectives are

  1. to provide youths with an avenue to channel their energies in the wholesome pursuit of athletic achievement and excellence;
  2. to develop and enable athletes to reach their fullest potential in terms of physical and mental skills and abilities;
  3. to provide coaches with the opportunity for further development in coaching techniques and expertise;
  4. to instil in coaches and athletes values that help them succeed not only in the sports arena, but also in other life endeavours; and
  5. to help track and field in Singapore soar to greater heights of achievement.
In furtherance of the above objectives, the Club may
  1. conduct recruitment drives through club-organised events and other authorised means;
  2. organise/conduct track and field seminars, workshops and weekly training sessions;
  3. send its administrators, coaches and athletes to overseas and local track and field and sports-related conferences, seminars and courses;
  4. organise events such as annual cross country meets, track and field meets, training camps and time-trials;
  5. take part in sports events organised by other sports clubs/bodies;
  6. work and co-operate with other sports and track and field bodies; and
  7. collect free-will offerings from members of the Club and other well-wishers.

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