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Tan Zong Yang , "I feel the most important factor is to keep my focus"

Written and compiled by Sha.

Tan Zong YangName: Tang Zong Yang

Weight: 57kg

Height: 171cm

Date of Birth: 1994

Coach(es): Kamarulzaman Tahir, Han Zhongjian & Melvin Tan

Personal Best(s): 100m: 10.92s, 200m: 22.00s, 400m: 49.81s

Best performances to date: SEA Youth 100m – 4th, ASEAN School Games 100m – 3rd, 4x400m Junior Record Holder (3:16.79)

For Tan Zong Yang, track is something special, one that thrills him.

Talented from the 100 metres up to the quarter-mile event, he’s especially good at the 400 metres, gold medal good.

He believes that you need focus.

Zong Yang mentioned to this writer that anyone can sprint, but if the athlete is willing to put in the hard work and the technical aspect into one’s training, it will take the athlete far.

Below is an extract of the interview:

    Q) How did you get started in athletics?

    I took part in my inter-house relay in primary school and realised the fun sprinting has. Hence, in Saint Joseph’s Institution, athletics was my first option as my chosen CCA.

    Q) Who is your coach, tell us more about him. Also a mention of your previous coaches.

    My current coach is Mr Melvin Tan. He is a very dedicated coach who understands me well. I was coached by Mr Kamarulzaman Tahir in SJI and subsequently was under Mr Han Zhongjian in Hwa Chong.

    Q) Did you have any serious injury plaguing you before or currently? If you did, how did you overcame it.

    Though there have been minor ones, fortunately, through my years as an athlete, I have managed to steer clear of serious injuries.

    Q) Do you take care of your nutrition? Your opinion on supplements and food.

    I try my best to steer clear from unhealthy food, I believe I need the right food with the right nutritional values.

    Q) Aside from athletics, what else interest you?

    I actually have an interest in baking. On certain Sundays I set aside some time to hit the kitchen and whip up something.

    Q) How do you juggle studies and training at the same time?

    I uptake realistic target-setting in terms of the work I want to complete in the day. I feel the most important factor is to keep my focus!

    tan zong yang

    Q) How’s the support from family and friends. In your opinion how important it is to athletes to have such a support?

    My family has been extremely supportive of my sporting endeavors and they always have faith that I will be able to cope. With the upcoming SEA Games held on home soil, family and friends can definitely provide motivational support from the stands to spur on every local athlete.

    Q) Share with the readers, some aspects of your training.

    I spend most of my time on the track, up to three times a week and one or two gym sessions, depending on the phase of the season.

    Q) What are your upcoming athletics goals?

    I’m still largely new to the 400m and I hope to continue learning from my races and improve as I clock in more competitions.

    tan zong yang

    Q) You are on the cusp of breaking into the 4x400m national relay senior team. What are your aspirations in the event? Do you think the national record of 3:10.55 min is breakable?

    I will definitely be putting in my best effort and hopefully do the nation proud. The national record has been there for awhile and I will train hard to be part of the record-breaking team in the near future.

    Q) How has Wings Athletic Club has helped in your athletic pursuit?

    Wings Athletic Club has signed me up for the various meets which allowed me to gain race sharpness and subsequently peak at the right meets. More recently, during the Wings centralized training, Julian from SSI was roped in to impart to us the right techniques in our gym workouts. This proved to be an enriching session as I learnt how to improve my form for more effection gym sessions.

    tan zong yang

Article last updated and correct as of 18th May 2015.

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