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Muhammad Hariz Bin Darajit, "Wings has given me the opportunity to compete."

Written and compiled by Sha.

Name: Muhammad Hariz Bin Darajit

Weight: 64kg

Height: 175cm

Date of Birth: 10 April 1998

Coach(es): Melvin Tan

Field Personal Best(s): 100m 11.03s and 200m 22.20s

Best performances to date: 1st for Nationals schools in 100m and 200m (2015)

By the time this article is published, Md. Hariz bin Darajit would have just landed in Cali, Colombia after a 36-hour flight time from Singapore.

The 17-year-old in competing in his only second international meet representing Singapore, where he will be donning the Red, White, Crescent and Stars, competing at his maiden IAAF World Youth Championship competition.

Coached by Melvin Tan, the same coach who guided our first ever 4x100m national men relay team to a sub-40 seconds performances, and coach/ mentor to multiple SEA Games medallist, Hariz is slotted for the 200 metres boys’ event this 17th July, Friday.

We at Wings wish him all the best and this interview will provide an insight to this young bright talent..

Below is an extract of the interview:

    Q) How did you get started in athletics?

    When I was younger, I used to watch my brothers compete during their sports day and eventually I took part in it as well

    Q) Who is your coach, tell us more about him/her. Also a mention of your previous coaches.

    My current coach is Mr Melvin Tan. He has coached me for about 5 years and I can say that he is a very dedicated and understanding coach.

    Q) Who are your role models and people you look up to for inspiration?

    Joshua Chua, a junior from my school inspires me to work harder as he always gives his all which is why he is able to improve so much.

    Q) You started out as a hurdler if I’m not wrong. Any thoughts of picking it up again considering you’ve improved your ground speed; one would think you’ll do well in hurdling.

    I'm still young and very open to other options . Trying out new events such as the 200m has really been exciting. I wouldn't be surprise if one day I return to hurdles but as of now, I'm just trying to progress and further improve my timings in my current events.

    Hariz Darajit

    Q) What are your hopes, goals and expectations for your upcoming competition at IAAF World Youth C’ships held in Colombia?

    I hope to improve my timing in the 200m and make everyone proud.

    Q) Did you have any serious injury plaguing you before or currently? If you did, how did you overcame it.

    I get minor injuries such as tight muscles, knee and ankle pain. All I have to do is stretch and just rest to let it recover.

    Q) Do you take care of your nutrition? Your opinion on supplements and food.

    I take vitamins and try to stay away from unhealthy food at all times, especially during competition periods.

    Q) Aside from athletics, what else interest you?

    I like to play football with my friends.

    Q) How do you juggle studies and training at the same time? How do you find the balance?

    We have to sacrifice many things. Mainly keep a schedule and follow it in order to get things done.

    Q) How’s the support from family and friends. In your opinion how important it is to athletes to have such a support?

    So far in my track life, my family and friends have always been there with me. It is important to know that someone is there to support you as it gives you the motivation to do well.

    Hariz Darajit

    Q) Share with the readers, some aspects of your training.

    I train three times a week which consists of strength, speed and endurance.

    Q) What are your upcoming athletics goals?

    I hope to represent Singapore in major competitions in the future.

    Q) How has Wings Athletic Club has helped in your athletic pursuit?

    Wings has given me the opportunity to compete, such as the Hong Kong intercity which I managed to qualify for the world youth championships.

Article last updated and correct as of 13th July 2015.

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